Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer inching closer.

Just seems like yesterday that I was complaining about the freezing cold weather. And now look. We are in the 80's now and I am loving every minute of it. Wow, what a drastic change from winter to summer. Its almost a 100 degree temperature difference. That's plain crazy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Man I missed this place. Still one of my favorite places in WoW. Finally getting back into world of warcraft after a 3 month break. 3 months too long. I missed talking and hangin with my friends. Maybe that is what I like about mmo games. Even though I am far away from my friends and family, I can feel close to them when playing. I don't know. Sounds kind of cornball and all. But I'm glad to be back. That is all.

By the way. That whole Cell spin thing is a ripoff. What a waste. I hated it and uninstalled it pretty quickly. So kindly disregard the last couple of posts about it.

On another note. Our pups Moose got back from the vet today after having his balls removed. Poor buddy. He seems pretty chipper though. Don't think he knows what happened. He still tries to hump Molly, but that may just be some left over hormones that will eventually go away.

Cell Spin continued

Well. I am testing this new cellspin app i got on my blackberry. Its pretty cool. There will be a few posts to my blog testing this out.

Cell Spin

This is a test

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moose. 6 Months

Moose is getting older and bigger. Here he is at about 6 months. Potty training is getting better but not yet mastered. Still quite a handful. He is getting fixed on tuesday finally. Maybe that will calm him down a bit. He has been quite hyper. Poor little buddy will be losing his nuts soon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sink Oh Day My Oh

Its may and I thought I better get a blog in. Today is the mexican holiday cinco de mayo. I don't really celebrate it. I guess its a good excuse to drink and party down. But I usually have to work and can't get around to it. Looks like the same will happen this year. Just gonna work and then go home and watch tv.

The weather has been quite windy the last few days. Not a big fan of wind. Kinda ranks up there with snow. But I guess it happens and I just got to live with it. At least it has been warm. That's good enough for me.

Well, that's about it for this episode of the "Just Chillin'" blog. Thanks for stopping by. Coming up on the next blog, Me spilling my thoughts about something I think is remotely cool. I would like to blog about how cool it is that I won the lottery, but that seems unlikely. Like a billion to one. But there is a chance.