Thursday, July 24, 2008

Moving Up.

Things have been going pretty quick in the leveling department since my last post. McManis is up to level 24 now. Only 6 more levels and I can get my chicken. Woo Hoo! I already have enough money for it too so thats good. Anyway, I will keep on truckin' and post again soon. Laterz.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eve Online

Here is a game I used to play a while back. Actually, I started playing it around the end of 2003 and have been off again on again ever since. There is just something about it that keeps bringing me back. Maybe because its a space game and I love outer space. Or maybe I like it because the graphics are so dang cool. Who knows. One thing I do know is that I miss it and want to start playing again. I will give it a little time. Anyways, the website is here if you want to check it out. See ya.

Blood Elf Hunter

Well, I started a blood elf hunter and got him up to level 20 so far. It has been going pretty quick so far. Only 10 more levels and I can get a mount. Can you believe that? Cool. I am enjoying playing him so far. I will update often on him here.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Big Seven Oh.

Well, I finally did it. Level seventy here at last. It took forever. Well, actually it took a little over 19 days of actual play time to achieve this. Seems like longer than that though. Oh well, I am so glad I finally made it. Its a great sense of accomplishment. I re-specked my guy to protection and now I need to practice that a bit and start doing some raids.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

69 Dude!

Well, one more level to go. I'm at 69 now and like 17 percent through. It's probably going to take forever. I just have to do alot of quests and I will be there.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Getting Close

I have been playing my paladin lately with Chucketh and am up to level 68 with him. Almost to level 69. I think I am like 70 percent through as of this post. Trying to get to 70 so I can get my flying mount. Chucketh, my brother in law, is at level 63 so I think I will help him get to 70 as well. Anyways, thats whats going on in the outlands. See you at level 69.